7 New Year’s resolutions for freelancing in 2017

It’s that time of year, isn’t it, so it’d be remiss of us not to get our listicles out and wave them all about, ushering in a happy new year. So here we go: resolutions for freelancing in 2017, based on things we’ve learnt from writing this blog over the last year. We’ll meet you back here in 12 months to see how many you stuck to…

1. Sell yourself more

With 68% of the UK’s media, artistic and literacy industries now in the hands of freelancers, it’d be foolish not to get out there and grab a piece of the pie. We’re thinking more conferences, more Meetups, more public speaking and more self-publicity. No, it’s not naturally a part of the British psyche to blow one’s own trumpet, but if you don’t, someone else will (note from editor: that’s not meant to sound as dirty as it clearly does).

2. Get out more

Freelance doesn’t have to mean loneliness. As Mike Stead told us in last week’s interview, joining a local networking hub can be a great way to ease pressures of “time, money and cabin fever“. Earlier in the year we met Ben Wrigglesworth and Nick Hoskin, two freelancers who are touting the growth of the “networked agency”.

If you’re feeling a little stranded out there in your home office, rest assured that there are ways out of your predicament that may even help your business to expand, too.

3. Get paid more!

…by which we mean, get paid more often. In November, the UK’s Freelancer Club launched #NoFreeWork, calling for the UK’s gig economy community to sign their No Free Work Petition, and agree to adhere to its code of conduct. While it’s yet to be made a legally-binding obligation, we’re keeping a close eye on its progress and we hope to give you more news in the new year.

4. Do more digitally

In September we reported on Making Tax Digital, a government initiative that will have us all filling in our self assessments online before the decade is out. We reckon it’s a great scheme, and it’ll certainly make filling out your self-assessment forms a lot easier (unless you’re a My Accountant Friend client, in which case it’s already easy). By the way, if you’ve not started filling that thing out yet, you might want to get it done soon… or start preparing better excuses than these.

5. Move house?

Way back in August we looked at the best UK cities for creative freelancers to be living in. While we weren’t surprised to find London’s streets paved with freelance gold, we were amazed to discover that Slough came in a close second. What would John Betjeman say?

6. Charge more

This time we are suggesting you get paid more. In July we looked at the highest paying freelance jobs, and let’s just say, if you’re not in the voice talent industry yet, you’re missing out on the big bucks.

7. Stay fit

What would a new years resolutions article be without a call to hit the gym more? Back in March, fellow MAFter and fitness guru, Meisha Piggott, took us through the best ways to stay fit at your desk. OK, so it seems a little flakey next to a full gym membership, but every little helps! We’ll see you in 2017, folks!

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