Accounting for OnlyFans, Fansly and other online content creators

With over 100,000 (July 2022) UK OnlyFans creators, OnlyFans is strongly becoming the fastest growing income stream for many young adults and you can easily see why –

  1. Many creators are earning more in one month, that they can earn in a year with a ‘normal’ 9-5 job.
  2. The content can be created instantly, from home, using their own phones and filming equipment.
  3. You can be discrete! No family or friends need to know.

BUT what about the headaches? Moving onto the boring administration –

  1. How do I register with HMRC?
  2. What do I need to register with HMRC?
  3. What expenses can I claim?
  4. How do I pay tax?
  5. Will it effect my employment income?

I really have no clue about what I should be doing!

My Accountant Friend has produced the perfect service package that covers all the administration headaches from tax planning to what you can and can’t claim –

  • We will register you with HMRC, whether its for personal tax and/or corporation tax.
  • We can act for you as a registered office so that no paperwork comes to your door.
  • You will be allocated an accountant to ask all the queries you have.
  • We will provide a list of things you can claim as expenses.
  • We will ensure all HMRC deadlines are not missed.
  • Bookkeeping can be automated straight from your bank account.

For more help please click here

We will allocate you an accountant based near you, we have offices throughout the United Kingdom.

Please do not worry about asking weird and wonderful questions, we act for 000’s of online content creators and we are very rarely shocked!

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