5 reasons why My Accountant Friend is one of the best online accountants

What do you want from an online accountants? Is it ease of use? Is it up-to-the-minute, cloud-based software? Is it readily available support that knows your business inside out the minute they pick up the phone? Is it helpful side products like receipts-scanning apps?

It’s probably all of these things, which is why most online accountants firms usually fail to tick all the boxes. Sure, there are plenty out there that offer great in-the-cloud accountancy dashboards, but few of them couple that with a real, live, qualified accountant keeping an eye on your business.

Imagine not having to join a ticketing queue every time you need advice. Imagine not having to explain your business to a new call centre accountant for the umpteenth time… 

Let’s see what else you don’t need to imagine when you sign up with My Accountant Friend. Here’s what makes them one of the best online accountants out there.

We can make the self-assessment blues disappear 

Now there’s a thing to imagine. With a great online accountants like My Accountant Friend, gone are the days of scrambling around trying to unpick HMRC explanations and fill in indecipherable tax forms.

With our software, and with your personal accountant working in the background, it can all be filed and transmitted at the click of a button. What used to be a stress-filled January nightmare is turned into something easily dealt with before breakfast.

We’re well established 

Having been around for a while counts for a lot in the world of online accountants. It means you’ve seen a few things, that you know the ropes, and that you have a good sense of what to do in the good times and the bad. My Accountant Friend has been around since 2009 – that’s like being a veteran as far as online accountants are concerned.

We’re always slightly ahead of the curve

We mentioned the receipt-reading app earlier. That’s because we’re pretty proud of it. Even after all these years, we’re still going on about it. You would, too, if you were one of the first online accountants to get one into the hands of your customers. We’re not fans of carrying scraps of paper around, so we figured you wouldn’t be either.

And while we’re on the subject, spreadsheets are a bit like receipts when it comes to accounting, aren’t they? They’ve always seemed like a necessary evil. Well… if we can get rid of receipts, we can get rid of spreadsheets.

As your online accountants, we like to make sure you get to see exactly what we get to see, and that you understand it thoroughly. That’s why we’ve made sure your online accounting dashboard is really simple to use, and available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

It doesn’t end there, either. We’re always looking to innovate what has traditionally been quite a staid industry. We’re currently working on something that we’re pretty sure will blow your socks off. Keep an eye on our blog…

We’re only ever a phone call away

…That’s if you want to use the phone, of course. We’re also available by email, text message, letter, in person… pretty much every which way (we’ll admit to not being too hot on smoke signals). And as we said above, this doesn’t just mean that you get through to our call centre.

Every person who signs up gets a dedicated accountant – a real, live human being! – who will be with you as your personal accountant from the second you join. You’ll never have to wait in a queue and explain your business to yet another ticketed agent. We like to think we’re the online accountants with the human touch.

We can help you whatever stage of business life you’re at

As we pointed out earlier, our team has many years of experience under our roof, so we’re always able to put our heads together and help people from all walks of business life.

If you’re a startup, a freelancer or an independent contractor, we can register your company for you and help you decide whether to become a sole trader or a limited company.

If you’re growing from being a small to a medium-sized business, we can help you get your accountancy planning spot on. And if you’re coming to a point where you’ve decided to sell up and move on, then we can advise you on the best way to get the most out of your situation.

We’re really looking forward to finding out how we can help you.

Click for more info on My Accountant Friend and our online accountants packages, ideal for independent contractors, startups and freelancers.

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