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Reasons to be free: why do we choose self-employment?

Picture the scene. It’s a cold, gray, office morning and the same old people are bickering about the same old things. You’d get involved if you thought it was worth the effort, but instead you’re asking yourself that recurring question: wouldn’t I be better off on my own? For many people, especially those with an […]

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Successful women enjoying a business meeting

In good company: The Talented Ladies Club

Here at The Life Hub, we’re huge fans of anyone who breaking out of the mold and strolling down the rambunctious road of self-employment. So we were really pleased – and inspired – when we came across the Talented Ladies Club, an organisation that offers advice and support to mums who want to get back […]

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A freelancer’s guide to dealing with stress

Freelancing and contracting are often seen as a route to a freer, more relaxed lifestyle. However, the self-employed life comes with its own stresses, especially if you work alone or for a demanding client. Without someone to share the load, the lifestyle can take it’s toll, so it’s important to find time for yourself, even during your […]

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Self-employed women take UK business by storm

Article from Gemma Porter According to a new poll, when it comes to self-employment, sisters really are doing it for themselves. Research recently published by online commerce site eBay in association with Development Economics has shown that the number of self-employed women in the UK has risen by 28% over the past five years. With over 1.2 […]

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