Metro Bank Borehamwood branch

Metro Bank Business Account

With Metro Bank being one of the fastest growing banks in the UK, we have pleasure in announcing preferential rates for any of our clients.

Metro Bank can provide free banking for the first 12 months and if you keep as little as £2,000 balance in the account, they will continue the free banking period.

Not only that, but they provide us with a weekly feed straight into our accounting system! What does this actual mean?

Well, to put it in Leyman’s terms, say goodbye to bank reconciliations, say goodbye to tedious bookkeeping, watch your accounts grow without raising a finger.

With our bespoke tax planning sessions at the start of your year, automated bank feeds and your own dedicated accountant, MAF has taken the hassle away from starting your own business.

Man relaxing on sofa after setting up his new business bank account with Metro Bank

What do you need to do next?

Contact your accountant and see how easy it is to move to Metro.

If you are thinking of starting out with us please contact us on [email protected] or call us on 0207 100 6011 and ask to speak to Rachel.

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