Multi currency vat amazon uk

There are hundreds of thousands of UK traders on Amazon, etsy, eBay and Shopify to name but a few.

However, every business owner has the same issues when selling abroad, what is vatable and what is not?

Here at My Accountant Friend we have come up with the perfect solution.

With our MAF dedicated accountants, Link My Books and Xero, you will never have to worry about transactions!

No more bank reconciliations, no more vat worries and no more day to day bookkeeping.

Each individual income is allocated and accounted for without intervention from yourself.

That’s right, no more headaches or confusion, cutting back hours of admin!

So what is Link My Books all about?

Link My Books creates a summary invoice for each payout you receive from Amazon, eBay,
Shopify or Etsy. They break down all the sales and fees and VAT checking the tax jurisdiction
for each transaction and automatically applying the correct tax rates that you choose during
setup, meaning your bookkeeping is finally accurate and automatic.

Link My Books automatically imports the complicated sales channel reports and VAT
information and creates clean, easy-to-understand summary invoices in Xero
that match the money deposited into your bank to the penny – making reconciliation a

It’s accurate, quick and efficient – plus their support is well renowned as top class! (Just read
their reviews!)

My Accountant Friend is an approved partner for Link My Books and can help you set up and manage
your account. Get in touch with us to learn more.

MAF currently have broad variety of e-commerce sellers from all over the UK are using Link My Books to
make their bookkeeping more efficient and the combination comes highly recommended.

To sign up please click here

Client testimonials.

“Link My Books is a lifesaver for importing Amazon transactions into Xero and handling all
the different VAT scenarios that comes with. Great team and very helpful and quick to
respond to questions. Thanks!”

“Outstanding app. Far superior to the previous solution I used. I was able to sign up and
integrate in a few minutes, and then add my accountant as a user. Simples! My accountant
loves it, its a MASSIVE game changer. I’m converted! Oh and the customer support is

“Brilliant service and at a great price. If you are considering A2X then stop, and go with Link
my books. Saved us 10+ hours per month of manual spreadsheet work.”

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