Accountants for gamers

With thousands of Gamers in the UK, earning anything from pennies to hundred of thousands of pounds, the UK gaming community is leading the way on how to profit from their hard work.

But what does the best accountant for gamers do, that others don’t.

At My Accountant Friend, we are constantly ahead of the game (errrrr….. sorry!!) when it comes to tax planning, helping people build their network, get everything in place right now and what should be avoided.

We are firm believers of getting things right first time, so we ensure you are set up correctly whether being a Limited Company or a sole trader.

If you are building a brand, have you incorporated?, have you informed HMRC?, have you patented the name?, what about trade marking? There is a huge list of things you need to ensure is done properly at the start.

Once trading has commenced, how can you ensure you are tax efficient? Do you know what expenses you can claim?

You are spending all your time on Tiktok, Twitch & Youtube, no time for boring admin or bookkeeping, right? Well you are our perfect client!

Regardless of where you are in the world we can ensure you will be up to date with daily direct bank feeds, submissions to HMRC and everything filed with Companies House.

With us doing all the boring stuff, you can concentrate on increasing subscriptions, advertising, sponsorships and selling merchandise.

Feel free to contact us and we can have a no obligation, free of charge, initial chat.


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