Contractors, freelancers, startups: what do you need from an accountant?

Our last few blog posts have featured interviews with CEOs and founders of startups (see our category ‘In Good Company‘), and it occurred to us that, as a blog attached to an online accountants (My Accountant Friend), it might be a nice idea to look into what it is that makes our working relationship with them click.

In other words, what is it that the budding contractor, freelancer or startup founder looks for in their modern accounting tools? Here’s what they had to say.

Jon Wilks, Content Marketing Consultant

Jon Wilks works as a content marketing consultant in Hampshire. He has been with My Accountant Friend for three years. “When I started out as a freelancer, I had zero ideas about how to make the financial side of things work. I went and spoke to a number of accountants, and most seemed to be very old-school.

I certainly didn’t get the impression that they were on the ball in terms of new legislation. I was also aware that, while I needed someone to help me be as tax efficient as possible, I also wanted to be able to keep an eye on things and learn as I was going along.

My Accountant Friend’s digital tools were a godsend in that respect, but what was even better was the dedicated accountant that came with them. Now I can login to my account whenever I like, and if I spot anything untoward, I can reach out to my friend at MAF who is always available to talk me through things. It’s a huge weight off my mind to know that I’m doing things in the right way.”

Erik Gustaf Ackerman, Thriving Ventures

Based in Birmingham, Erik Gustaf Ackerman was looking for an accountant that dovetailed nicely with his digital startup. Of his work with MAF, he says, “My Accountant Friend have provided me with a great deal of benefits! They’ve managed to combine competitive pricing, stellar communication and a thorough and personalised service. I’m truly delighted by their effective approach.”

Matthew Daniels, The LGBT Leadership Programme

Matthew Daniels is also based in Birmingham, where he runs one of the country’s first LGBT leadership training outfits. “I have been using My Accountant Friend for almost a year now,” he says, “and the main benefit for me is the ease of use of the software.

Everything is easy to upload, to check and reference, and it feels a lot less clunky that previous systems I’ve used. The person-to-person contact and support is also really beneficial and feels a lot more like I have someone available to support as and when I need, rather than just at key points of the year.”

Amrit Chandan, Aceleron CEO

Another Midlands-based entrepreneur, Amrit Chandan and his electronics startup, Aceleron, are responsible for Making Batteries Great Again! Of his work with My Accountant Friend, he says, “Richard Ingledew, our MAF Partner, has been phenomenal at giving us support on anything we ask about.

I just have to pick up the phone to get the advice needed. If Richard doesn’t know, then he is very happy to put us in touch with the experts who do. I’m looking forward to continuing working with Richard!”

Steve Jones, AC Worldwide

A former accountant himself, Steve Jones eventually hung up his spreadsheets and began work in a galaxy far, far away. “I was introduced to MAF by a neighbour. Having been an accountant myself, I love the product. The online systems are so simple to use and the tools and reporting are great.

At the same time, I have someone to speak to if I have any questions. My company now supports multiple clients with minimal effort from my side. The package and the price are an unbeatable combination in my opinion.”

Why should you use an online accountant?

For more info on the kinds of clients we work with, get in touch with us at My Accountant Friend. We’re always keen to chat, and we’re huge fans of helping new businesses get off the ground. 

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